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All of our social media work is combined with regular consulting and reporting for the best results.

Juicy Designs have been managing social media services for clients since 2008 and have worked with a wide variety of clients to develop their social media strategies, establish them on social media, create content plus schedule social media content on behalf of clients, and run social media advertising campaigns.

Social Media Management is a must have for the public face of your brand

Take a look at some typical Social Media Management strategies we’d recommend exploring.

Media Booth helps to bridge the gap between what is recommended, and what is sustainable for business owners with Social Media Management. Our team of experienced social media management specialists will develop a strategic plan and package that not only communicates your core business values but also your product and services, whilst maintaining integrity through adhering to your brands’ guidelines. Talk to us today about our social media management packages.

The 1st step is defining your target audience. We want to make sure your social media is attracting the right people. We won't use click farms to get 3000 followers overnight, instead, we aim for true organic growth.
One Brand
One Voice
A quick snap-shot here and there is fine for a personal account but is that part of your branding? We delve into the core values of your brand, ensuring our posts match your language & look.
Social Media
Once your target audience is defined, we will create a strategy around them. After all, modern marketing is putting the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time.

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