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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising that you can be friends with.

Did you know that Social Media Advertising, according to Hubspot, has a 100% higher lead-to-close ratio than any form of outbound marketing? No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, Social Media Advertsing should be your next port-of-call for on your exploration agenda.

Social Media Advertising strategies to exploit

Take a look at some typical social strategies we’d recommend exploring.

At Juicy Designs, we believe in using a multitude of digital strategies when executing a marketing campaign – and Social Media Advertising plays a major part in this mix. That’s why we always look to tie Facebook’s fantastic demographic capabilities with Google’s mass-market reach to ensure that your adverts are seen by the most important people, at the Goldilocks moment.

Page Like
Consistently keep your brand in front of the right audience, and be the prom king of your school with an 'always on' page likes campaign that promotes your business in the way you want it to.
Build brand and educational awareness about your products or services with prospecting ads before sealing the deal with re-marketing once user has signaled enough interest.
Your next move can be a challenge. But who better to target next than a demographic who 'lookalike' and show frequent interest in the same products/services as past converters?
Discounts and
Timed Offers
Professional burst media campaigns, such as discounts and limited time offers are extremely shareable and perfect for high-impact revenue generation during peak periods of business.
and Reviews
Proud of what you do and confident that you deliver value to your customers? Why not promote reviews on the number one platform where people are more likely to speak their mind!
Awareness Ads
With local awareness ads, your business can easily find new customers by displaying adverts to people who are near your location. After all, humans are lazy and would rather shop close by!
If pictures paint a thousand words then how much does a video paint? Get your message across quickly and wow your customers with high-impact video advertising on Social Media.
Social Media
Whether they added an item to your cart but never checked out or have shown interest in your service but need an extra push, social media re-marketing is the ultimate strategy to close the deal.

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