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Social Media Influencer Marketing

We are one of South Africa’s top Social Media Influencer Marketing agency that works across multiple social media and blogging platforms. We like to work a little different than the average Social Media Agency. We carefully research each influencer looking into their profile metrics to ensure they’re legit and have a suitable look for your brand.

We then liaise with the influencer/blogger to create a successful campaign that amplifies your message in the best possible way.

Social Media Influencer Marketing with a difference

Take a look at our Social Media Influencer Marketing strategies we’d recommend exploring.

Juicy Designs are one of the few influencer agencies that track and measure results across our large network of over 100,000 influencers worldwide with nearly 100 million reach.

Finding the right Influencer
After analysing your brand, we proceed to choosing influencers. We know the influencer market very well, so we make sure we connect the right influencers to your brand. We identify and profile influencers from the whole social web using technology tools. With this, we draw out the most suitable and appropriate influencers for your brand.
Developing your campaign
We develop influencer marketing strategies that are tailored to your company’s objectives. We mobilise influencers to create optimised content that engages your brand’s targeted audience, build your brand image, and generate online buzz. These digital marketing campaigns usually run with multiple influencers to optimise reach.
Tracking campaign success
We track and measure the performance of your Social Media Influencer marketing campaign. We offer real time in-depth reporting that analyses the insights, key learnings and competitive landscape. Our expertise will help you leverage the power of personal connections to engage millions of people around the world for your target audience.
Influencer generated content
Influencers have complete creative control of the content. Brands provide guidance and direction regarding the products and services, and then approve the content before it is published for the world to see. Influencer generated content allows influencers to have absolute creativity with loose guideline from brands, hence maximum impact.

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