Google Search Advertising is a cost-effective way to gain website traffic

Google Search Advertising

Drive leads and conversions with Google Search Advertising

The competition for search visibility is fiercer than ever, and we plan to get you ahead with a well-managed Google Search Advertising campaign. Google Search Advertising is a fast, cost-effective way to get noticed, and we’ll prove this by making the most of your marketing budget.

How our Google Search Advertising service works

Effective Google Search Advertising doesn’t happen overnight.

The internet marketing landscape is ever-changing and to be successful in Digital Marketing, businesses should be on top of these changes. Our Google Search Advertising services assess your individual needs and target demographics to deliver the best results possible.

Keyword Research
To increase your online visibility, you have to be in touch with the online habits of your core audience. What are they looking for, and how can you be the answer to that? Thorough keyword research is crucial to gaining that understanding. We conduct keyword research, ad groups and competition research to look for opportunities and maximise your ad budget.
Campaign Setup
Once we’ve gained a clear understanding of your audience, we mould the campaign to suit their needs. This step is vital to attracting as many conversions as possible. We then create tailored ads based on the data we gathered during research and analysis. We create tailored campaigns targeted to your business based on the data we got during research.
Tracking and Monitoring
Campaign implementation is only half the job – the other half involves measuring its success. After launching the ads, we track conversions, analyse traffic and present reports. Find out which aspects of the campaign audiences respond to the most, and determine which areas can be improved.
Traffic and Click-Through
Click-through rates & traffic are key performance indicators in measuring the success of Google Search Advertising. Once we have the keywords to increase traffic, we drive clicks to landing pages with bid optimisation. We will help you determine the appropriate # of clicks to target for your budget.
Remarketing Campaign
Your visitors won’t always convert the first time. It will take time, patience and effort to convert your leads and make sure that they remember your brand. Our remarketing campaign offers a second chance at converting potential customers into actual customers by utilising visually appealing banners
Google Display Advertising
We aim to strengthen your online presence by ensuring that your brand is seen and felt by the online public. There is a wellspring of online users out there, just waiting to be reached. We build display advertising campaigns that help you reach customers on the web and in apps – across devices.

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