Display advertising is a tricky game to master

Google Display Advertising

Make every ad count with the Google Display Advertising

The Google Display Network is a collective of over one million websites, videos and applications with available advertising space. This powerful platform allows businesses to subtly place their message in front of potential customers, garnering brand awareness and increased traffic.

Place your message on the screens of your target market at a time they’re most likely to be browsing. Rather than inundating the public with material that may not interest them, the network allows you to select who sees your ad and when.

How our Google Display Advertising works

You need to research, strategise and execute your plan perfectly to get where you want to be.

Google Display Advertising allows you to generate attention subtly. Here, your ad is featured on other successful websites, videos and applications that your target audience is already most likely browsing.

Contextual targeting
This will allow you to subtly insert your message on pages that relate to your product. For instance, placing your advertisement for fitness equipment on a page relating to health and fitness
Audience targeting
This will allow you to place your ad in front of people who already have interest in your product or service, like showing your makeup products to a user who frequently engages with beauty blogs.

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