The power of pDOOH

Programmatic Digital Out of Home Advertising

By reaching specific audiences through programmatic digital out of home advertising, you can harness and utilise tools that traditional OOH and DOOH cannot.

We help brands just like yours reach millions by using specific audience targeting and measurement.

Programmatic Digital Out Of Home (pDOOH) in South Africa

One of the key factors in the success of pDOOH (Programmatic Digital Out of Home) is not only that it’s targeted but that it’s scalable.

So why not explore the next wave of digital advertising with pDOOH? You’ll be able to increase your ROI through strategic programmatic digital display through Dynamic Outdoor Advertising through some of South Africa's leading Media Companies.

Some of the key benefits and value that digital programmatic out of home advertising can provide for your company include the below:

It’s faster and more flexible
As soon as the time is right, you’ll be able to deliver the right message to your target audience automatically. For example, office workers are leaving their building to grab lunch in the city, and your pDOOH advertisement for nearby food outlets are displayed in front of them as they walk to the closest food court. Now all they’re thinking of as they see your digital ad is heading to your location.
Targets your demographics
Unlike the traditional DOOH buying process, pDOOH lets you be specific with certain vital conditions such as impressions and CPM (Cost Per Thousand) that you want your digital ad to be displayed under. Your programmatic digital display advertising campaign will only go live when these conditions are met, plus it’s the only time you’ll pay for the ad.
Offers real-time analytics
pDOOH advertising is automated, which generates real-time campaign analytics. By using a programmatic buying platform you’ll be able to track the following four key metrics in real-time.
It’s memorable and likeable
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