We don’t just do Digital Marketing, we live and breathe it. Digital Marketing is our world, and we’d like you to be a part of it. We’re not a jack of all trades, instead our small team focus on the core areas that we excel in.
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90B, Spata street, Centurion

012 665 1677

90B, Spata street, Centurion


At Juicy Designs we believe intelligent development can change how you do business online. CMS that works your way, an eCommerce store which integrates seamlessly with your order fulfilment system, smart apps which go viral – if you can imagine it, we can build it.

Web Development

Our development services

Good old fashioned development services looks a little different now, but putting the customer's needs first is important as ever. See what services our development team can amaze you with.

Web development

Speed, usability, functionality; our web development service keeps your website on its toes and at the top of its game – now and with one eye firmly on the future. From a slick CMS to responsive design for E-commerce, our web development team use their technical skill and industry insight to help you reach your full potential on the web. making your website Juicier than ever before!


Between July 2012 and July 2015, online retail sales rose by 60.7%. It’s high time to sell better online. Simple CMS, top-notch customer engagement, integrated stock management services, clever catalogue management, SEO-friendly development – find out what Juicy designs can do to help you lower bounce rates, boost conversions and optimise your E-commerce store.


Frustrated with your unintuitive, clunky CMS? It’s time to wave goodbye to poor design and limited functionality. We develop CMS websites with sophisticated functionality and straightforward, usable admin panels. Give yourself complete control over your content to reap the benefits of frequent, fresh updates on search engine rankings and customer engagement.

Mobile Apps

We live in the communications age and mobile is bigger business than ever before. Don’t miss the boat and this important new revenue stream. Talk to Juicy Designs about mobile app development today to give your visitors greater flexibility, top quality user experience and even better accessibility. We specialise in mobile development for both iOS and Android.

Our design process

At Juicy Designs we are not just good at what we do, we’re also brilliant at actually doing it. Project management is one of our core strengths at Juicy Designs and we deliver every aspect of each project to the highest standard. From the tiny details to the big picture, we specialise in on point projects, handled with care and attention. If you’re thinking about working with us and would like to learn a little more about how we do things around here, keep reading...


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Creative Process

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Design & Development

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Final Product

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Our clients

The proof is in the pudding! See the amazing clients that we helped the Juicy way...